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W.C.G. (Women of the Church of God)

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W.C.G. (Women of the Church of God)
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Welcome to Abingdon First Church of God

The Women of the Church of God (W.C.G.) is a vital link in the ministry of the First Church of God in Abingdon.  We embrace the vision of our national organization, having as our aim to promote spiritual and personal growth, build friendships and interdependence, encourage the stewardship of all life, embrace the beliefs of the Church of God, and support the united ministries of the Church of God through our studies and gifts of finance. 
We meet the second Monday of each month at 6:30 pm in the fellowship hall of the church. 
Our local unit is presently composed of 12 hard working, determined ladies.  From our budget we support national, state, and local projects.  What makes our group so special is our willingness to work together to accomplish our goals.  We have fun and good fellowship at our meetings and when working on our projects.  God has blessed us with capable leaders and our aim is to further the expansion of the Kingdom of God in whatever ways we are able.





For information on National Ministries of the Women of the Church of God