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Cory Cardwell Updates
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Welcome to Abingdon First Church of God

To see current happenings with Cory as he faces his bone marrow transplant, click here.

Please pray continually for Cory Cardwell!


Cory is an 11 year old boy in our congregation who we believe has had the Lord's hand on him from birth.  He was born with a rare blood disorder that prohibits his body from producing the blood his body needs.  Consequently, he has to have a blood transfusion on the average of every three weeks.
This presents the doctors of our day with a host of medical issues.  One of them is the amount of iron that builds in his system.  Iron is vital for building red blood cells, and as we've mentioned, he does not produce them.  Therefore, as iron is taken in through his diet, as well as through his blood transfusions, the iron has no place to go.   Left unchecked, the iron will deposit into his vital organs, posing a life-threatening situation.
He was introduced to a medication intended to flush the iron from his system that he could take orally.  The medication caused an upper GI bleed, and caused his liver and kidneys to malfunction.  Late Monday afternoon (January 31, 2011), Cory's heart stopped, and CPR was unsuccessful, resulting in his heart having to be shocked back into rythm.  He is currently in the Pediatrics Intensive Care Unit of a local hospital and is in need of your prayers.
As of this writing, (February 2, 2011), Cory is still in the ICU, and is dealing with bouts of confusion.  The medication he was on has been stopped.  The doctors are struggling to maintain his potassium levels, but are encouraged that his kidney and liver functions are turning around.  The bleed has stopped as well.
He has a long road to recovery, but with the help of the Lord and your prayers, he can pull through this episode.  I also request your prayers for Steve and Lisa, that they would sense the Lord's presence daily, and they would feel His strength when their strength is gone.
If you'd like to send Cory a note of encouragement, please email his folks at
I will try to update this post as often as possible.
February 3, 12:30 pm
Cory has had a good evening, and looks/feels better than he has since he came to the hospital.  I had his picture placed above and as you can see, he is doing quite a bit better.  He still continues to need our prayers.  The doctors do not have his potassium levels regulated yet, but that will only take time.  The internal bleeding has stopped an his clotting factors are within normal limits.  His liver and kidney functions are responding to the medicated fluids, and the goal is for his body to begin to keep his vital organs healthy on their own.  Once his organ get lined out, he may have to take oral medications for awhile.  Please continue to pray for Cory, Steve, and Lisa.  Steve says we know Cory is feeling better because at 7:00 he was asking for cheesballs and if some of his family was coming to see him.  You can still send well wishes to
Please continue to check this site for updates as we get them.
Feb 6, 2011
As you can see from the pictures we posted, Cory is doing MUCH better than this time last week.  His spirits are good, he continues to do well, and is gradually moving toward oral medicines rather than I.V.s.  Please continue your prayers for him and Steve and Lisa.  You may still send Cory, Steve, and Lisa well wishes at .